H&S Image2However you perceive your business it is a common fact that all businesses are at risk. No matter what industry, size or type of business you are, we have the health and safety expertise to guide you through the relevant health and safety laws and legislation, ensuring that your business is fully protected against risks that could occur in the workplace.

Following the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, all UK employers and the self-employed have a legal duty to ensure risks in their workplaces have been assessed and managed. Failing to comply with the laws on health and safety is not only a criminal offence, but can result in heavy fines for your business, time and effort in dealing with any disputes and the potential closure of your business. Some of the biggest businesses state that it is not the fines that worry them but the loss of reputation that will really do them harm. To avoid this, we have expert health and safety consultants available to protect your business from these risks.

We are a leading health and safety consultancy company who offer expert advice, training and risk management documentation to businesses around the United Kingdom.

We offer our clients cost effective ways to minimise the risks that occur in the workplace with as little disruption to their productivity.
Our experienced health and safety consultants can provide:

  • Health and Safety policy documents/risk assessments, tailored to suit each and every business.
  • Health and Safety training for your employees, including first aid training.
  • Advice and assistance on managing the risks in your business.
  • Site survey’s and audits.
  • Ongoing support.

Our qualified health and safety consultants will provide expert assistance and advice to ensure that your business is fully compliant with UK law and legislation. Our trained professionals offer a thorough service, providing our clients with all the relevant information and advice on abiding with the relevant health and safety regulations.

For fully accredited health and safety consultancy and advice offering you complete peace of mind, call us today.H&S Image4