This course is designed to equip individuals with increased skill sets that can be effectively used when operating in Hostile Environments where Kidnap/Hostage situations are a strong possibility. This newly developed course is both unique and bespoke and has been developed to combine survival with evasion and includes tools, techniques and practical elements to enhance the chances of escape and survival if ever taken hostage.Hostage3

Course Length:

Normally this is a 3 day course but we can tailor the course to suit your needs and deliver the package or elements of the course to your requirements.

Course Content:

Day One:

  • Prior Preparation and Prevention Measures.
  • The Hostage Chain.
  • Psychology of Survival and Coping Strategies.
  • Communication and Rapport.


Day Two:

  • Escape Techniques.
  • Priorities of survival.
  • Use of media and Social network.

Day Three:

  • Practical and Scenario based Learning Including a Final Assessment.

Successful individuals who have completed this new course will have been given the skill set and knowledge that may give them the chance of hostage survival or avoidance if ever dealt with that unfortunate card. The techniques, tools and knowledge that this course will equip you with is developed from years of tried and tested research and events.

With the unfortunate increase in Kidnap/Hostage situations around the troubled regions of the world the need for such a course is now more prevalent than ever for those of you that work within these hostile environments.