Bsecure Training Solutions have designed this course that will give delegates a much better understanding of terrorism awareness and the threat that faces all of us all in today’s society. Unfortunately it is becoming vital that all businesses and working environments have a need to put into place, procedures in which to combat the threat of terrorism in order to continue to operate with a much higher degree of safety. Terrorists will strike to achieve all manner of publicity from large scale co-ordinated attacks to personal individual incidents. It is now widely acknowledged that terrorist attacks are more likely to be targeted towards the general public such as, crowded areas like shopping centre’s, sporting events, transportation networks and communication establishments. This course is geared to help organisations and individuals understand their roles and responsibilities in order to take the appropriate steps necessary to meet the fight against terrorism.Bus Bomb


The course has been designed to be delivered over a full day (8hrs) however, we can accommodate your individual needs in order to deliver a course that is suitable to your timetable.


The course is bespoke and will be tailored to your requirements. The core subjects are:

•        Definition of a terrorist and terrorism.

•        Improvised Explosive Devices (I.E.D’s) What, Why, Types, Methods.

•        Introduction into their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.

•        Counter Terrorist Organisations.

•        Measures to reduce the risk. (Search, Detect, Report, Contain)

•        Incident Management and Planning. (4 C’s Operation)

•        Post Attack/Incident considerations.

Certification.Terrorism Bus Bomb

There is no formal exam to pass this course. Once our experienced training staff are satisfied that learning has taken place. Delegates will be issued with a certificate of attendance, demonstrating their competence within this subject.


We can deliver this course at your site for your convenience, thus saving you additional costs or we can provide a suitable venue if required.